That's right it's free to watch online!! I should have done this a while ago, but i've been busy writing the sequel and enjoying personal time! enjoy!

Deployment Strategy - chapter 1 of 3 from markcheng on Vimeo.

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So, I’m not a handyman by any stretch of the imagination. My comfort zone is seated squarely in a world where you can just hit undo if you get yourself into a pickle. You have to keep this in mind in order to fully appreciate the situation I found myself in last fall during the pre-production phase of my science fiction short.

Deployment Strategy gets 5 page article in April issue of Student Filmmakers magazine!

In the magazine that recognizes all filmmakers as perpetual students, we have an article about how one of our sets was built.

Hey dudes, here's episode 2 of our ongoing video blog series! In this episode we meet actor, Einar Gunnar, and the team of GornFX who've been tasked with tackling all the practical effects work for the film. We'll see these guy again in future episodes too. Enjoy!!

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Hot off the editing suite: our first web video blog!! check it out!


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when I got home tonight, santa had come! all my SWAT boots, a swarm of Multibody props, a carrying case, and other props from the prop master had arrived!! This shoot is going to be sweet! also finally got a call from my DP who was in Spain shooting some stuff. He's back and safe and available for the shoot this saturday! We're scouting the location tomorrow night (tuesday). On wednesday, I have another fight choreography rehearsal and a meeting with the Weapon Specialists. Thursday I pickup the guns and gear. Friday some crew sleeps over, Saturday we shoot and on Sunday we have an on-set, dress rehearsal. when do i sleep??

hey all, had a productive weekend.

Friday Spent my friday night in a cold, dark, abandoned factory spray painting lockers black for this weekend's shoot. (note to self: spray painting for 2 hours straight makes your index finger numb for 3 days straight)

Saturday The costumes arrived in the mail and the actors at Saturday's rehearsal managed to try them on and they look great! (These are the SWAT BDU's I'm talking about. Battle Dress Uniforms, ok?!)

Brian Thone, our beloved prop master, has posted more WIP photos of the Multibodies on his site..For you newbies, that's work-in-progress photos!! This time you can see how the attachable gun unit looks like...

As we've mentioned before on this site, the Multibodies in the film accompany the soldiers on missions and provide surveillance functionality and, in this case, elevated lines of fire.

I'm tired! I spent most of the day working on the dropship interior set! Did you know that one of the best traits for a successful independent film producer is being a good carpenter? I took photos for you but probably won't post them yet until the light at the end of the tunnel is much brighter..but actually it was a good day!


I've been posting actor bios in the casting section and that's also been exciting. We have a table read this weekend. That's basically when all the actors get together usually for the first time to meet each other and read through the script out loud. Will try to remember to take photos of that event too!

Yo! You may recall the insanely cool work of Brian, our prop master, when I posted pictures of his work on the MultiBodies, the hovering units that provide additional lines of sight and covering fire to the men and women of Division 9. You can now check out his online article of how he made them on his website! Coool stuff!!

Who Am I and why in the world... i doing this?? I ask myself this all the freaking time but the conclusion is always the same- I don't know why, all I know is that I just must, must, must make this film...

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