Here is the official final trailer for Deployment Strategy.


[BTW: did you know you can now watch the whole film online for free? Deployment Strategy is now entirely on vimeo. This is the link to chapter 1 of 3.]

So for the past month, I've been working to get the final sound design completed. I met with Rob last week to review progress and to see how the sound designs been shaping up. So far so good! Rob's come up with some unique sounds for each soldier's machine guns, he's added some awesome splatter sounds for when bodies get shot, there's a great ripping sound now when appendages get torn off, and my beloved Multibodies now have their own droid whine when they fly by!!

Deployment Strategy the Official Trailer is now online!!! I've got tons of different media formats for your viewing pleasure! come see!

So as Chris polishes off the score, here are the titles of each chapter. Do they make you excited to see/hear the film/score?? It does for me, but I'm biased!!!

1. New York 2055
2. The Specialist Consult/Diplomat Theme
3. Elevated and Hot
4. Sides are Drawn
5. Surround and Secure
6. That was no Mech
7. Hand-to-hand combat mod
8. Major Confrontation
9. Rampage
11.Division 9 Theme (Reprise)

We'll have track samples up soon!!

hi all, glad you're enjoying the newest 3d shots! I wanted to quickly announce that now that picture has locked, sound design/mix has begun. Rob Daly has joined the crew as the sound designer. You may not have heard of Rob, but i bet you a bazillion dollars you've heard Rob's work! Rob's done sound design on the animated series: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, GI Joe, and get this - Transformers! My all time favorite cartoon ever in the whole universe!! We'll have some work up in the coming weeks! So now you know, and knowing's half the battle!!!!! mc

sup all, hope your holidays were cool. I've been trucking through this list of vfx that are on my plate. Will post a montage soon for you guys. will also post a library of assets for you After Effects freaks if you want to duplicate my muzzle flashes and shell casings for your own work.

I also got the latest soundtrack work from Chris. This time it was a scene from the end where our hero Lee (played by Ollie) is dazed and confused. It rocks!!!!

Hey guys,

I've been busy getting fx sequences done and wanted to share one that's pretty complete.

If you're a returning visitor, you may have read my post about the Multibodies , or Chris Haigh's amazing soundtrack work, or maybe you read about how I build a set in my basement of the dropship's interior in SF magazine.

yo guys,

last night we had a session of audio pickups with actor Joe Barbagallo. With the fine cut 99.99% complete, there are areas where I need some both additional dialogue and/or re-recording of existing dialogue to smooth scenes out. So Joe and I met at the Nickelodeon offices where i work and...

spent a couple hours doing audio pickups in a conference room. We had a great time recording Joe's character- Warnock's - expletives, moans, coughs, and screams. By the end we were both sweating from laughing so hard. The best part was when I was recording Joe make screams and simulate getting kicked in the chest. Shortly after the take, Joe straightened up and said, "Shit, I nearly threw up." That got us into another laughing fit. Who knew audio pickups would be so fun?!

Hey all,

Time for an update! First off- there will be more updates more often from now on. I promise!! In this post- updates on soundtrack, sound mixing, 3D effects, 2D effects, and more!! so read on!

Soundtrack My good friend and music composer, Chris Haigh has been hard at work on the soundtrack. Although we've had some bad luck in making our weekly video conferences - scheduling, computer, and network problems!!- we've still managed to make a lot of progress. Last week Chris sent me his newest compositions in wav file format.

The way we've been working is like this: He lives in England, I live in NJ, so we rely on the internet for correspondence. We'll email each other over night, sometimes he'll catch me while I'm at work and we'll talk over IM. And, when possible, we'll video conference together. That actually is the best since we can talk and gesture, and Chris can hop on his keyboard to play me something, and I can use my hands and facial expressions to convey ideas I can't articulate!

Oh the humanity! Finally an update! In this one: Finecut, Placeholder Footage, Soundtrack news. Check it out!

Was trying to think of an appropriate title for this long delayed post! How is everyone?

Sometimes you get so busy doing stuff that there's not enough time to document it and that's definitely been the case here. So here are some updates:

FINECUT. The film is in near fine cut status. It comes in at just under 30 minutes and will probably be a tad over that with credits and such. I'm much happier with this length - at times I thought it'd be more like 20 minutes and sometimes feared it'd be even less. Imagine spending all that time and effort for 15 minutes! So I'm very pleased with it's length.

Who Am I and why in the world... i doing this?? I ask myself this all the freaking time but the conclusion is always the same- I don't know why, all I know is that I just must, must, must make this film...

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