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Great news! We just got some nice press coverage! This article came out in this week's edition of the South Brunswick Post! If you haven't seen the article, you can read it right here...

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[Quick note: I've added links in the article below in case you want to learn more about what's being mentioned! ;) -mark ]

South Brunswick Post

Thursday, October 27, 2005

The perfect spot for a `future' invasion

Filmmakers pick
South Brunswick warehouse to shoot science fiction movie

by Joseph Harvie staff Writer

In the coming months, an ,elite SWAT team from the future will descend on a warehouse at the edge of South Brunswick near its border with

The AntroniX office and warehouse may have been more commonly known for manufacturing and distributing cable television hardware, but now it also will be known as one of the best locations to film an independent science-fiction film.

"I saw the warehouse and I said `this is perfect,' " Mark Cheng, 30, of
North Brunswick said in September.

Mr. Cheng is working on the pre-production for his 30-minute film "Deployment Strategy."

The warehouse belongs to his wife's uncle, Danny Tang, who said he let Mr. Cheng shoot the film in the warehouse because the idea intrigued him.

"As a corporation we are always looking to support the arts." Mr. Tang said. "I think the idea is great and we support them."

Mr. Cheng said "Deployment Strategy" is set about 50 years in the future, a time when artificial intelligence is commonplace and is regulated by the government. In the film an elite SWAT team is sent to take a
New Jersey
scientist illegally making artificial intelligence.

The inspiration for the plot came from Mr. Cheng's background as a software developer. He said that he took some of the ideas from his work in the computer field. He said there are

'They say you are 10 times better at making the last movie you did, and that's what our main purpose is. It would be nice to make our money back, but really we are in this for the learning process.'

Mark Cheng

three steps in development: conception, beta testing and then production.

"In beta testing phase, bugs can arrive and are fixed," Mr. Cheng said. "If software is not beta tested there could be detrimental problems. If Al is not beta tested it can be a cultural threat."

Mr. Cheng said he and his crew will use some computer generated images, but he also plans to rely on techniques that are more than 25 years old - techniques pioneered by George Lucas when making the original "Star Wars" movies.

For instance, he said, he will shoot scenes twice. The first time with the actors in the scene interacting with one another. The second shot would be of crew members holding models and props. Then, using the computer, he will superimpose one of the shots over the other and eliminate the crew members.

One example of this is the use of "multibodies" in his film. A multibody is a plastic model of a hovering robot that works with the SWAT team by providing lights and cover from fire. Mr. Cheng said the robot is based on the Predator Drones currently being used by the United States in

"The idea of having people in Oklahoma controlling the drones in
was intriguing,"

Mr. Cheng said. "The idea of sending in a robot first to protect human life was intriguing. In a test shot, Mr. Cheng carried the model and someone shot the scene. Then using the same camera angle he shot two men dressed as members of the elite SWAT team. The finished product had the multibody hovering over the men.

"Basically it is just putting one plate over top of the other one," Mr. Cheng said. "Doing that erases me and this can be done on a home PC. It's the same effect people have been using for years. You can say we're 30 years behind, but it looks pretty good to me."

Mr. Cheng is not working alone on this. He has tapped some area resources to help with the production. Shane De Lumeau, 20, of
Monroe, for instance, has been scouting locations for the movie and is building the set for the drop ship - the hovering aircraft the SWAT team uses.

"I met Shane when I was at Home Depot buying green paint," Mr. Cheng said. "He asked if I was making a green screen studio and he recommended a color. Most people don't know what a green screen is and he started asking me if I was building a studio so we started talking about the movie and he signed on."

Through Mr. De Lumeau, came Harrison Kelly, who has been helping with location scouting, set design and casting for the film, all of which is under way. Mr. Kelly has worked with Mr. De Lumeau on film projects at
Mercer County Community College, where Mr. Kelly is working toward a degree in television production and Mr. De Lumeau is working toward a degree in computer graphics.

"We just met a few a months ago and the relationship has been great," Mr. Cheng said. "We have a lot of the same (favorite) movies in common and we are really passionate about film. These guys have been so great to work with."

Mr. Cheng said the crew hopes to finish filming by the end of December. Once completed, the movie will be edited and digital effects will added.

Mr. Cheng and his crew are looking for ways to distribute the film. Mr. Cheng said that because the film is only 30 minutes long he knows it will not work well in movie theaters. He said DVDs and the Internet will be the optimal way to get the film distributed.

Mr. De Lumeau said they also are looking at comic book and sci-fi conventions that also house film festivals to get the movie out.

They are hoping to do all of this for less than $20,000, with the hope of making their money back, but that is not the main reason why they are making this movie.

"They say you are 10 times better at making the last movie you did, and that's what our main purpose is," Mr. Cheng said. "It would be nice to make our money back, but really we are in this for the learning process."

For more information on "Deployment Strategy" go to

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So I'm very pleased with the coverage! I kinda wish they didn't emphasize that huge quote about making money because we do feel that there is a marketability about the project and we do have a business plan for this once we're completed!! More later!

Who Am I and why in the world... i doing this?? I ask myself this all the freaking time but the conclusion is always the same- I don't know why, all I know is that I just must, must, must make this film...

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