This is the story of how one man wrote, directed, edited, produced, did his own visual effects, almost like broke his fingers, won some festivals, got distribution, and blogged the creation of an award winning science-fiction short film with blood, sweat, tears, and by repeating a simple mantra:
i must, i must, i must make this film
This is the story of

The Making of Deployment Strategy

I created this blog originally to document the creation of Deployment Strategy. The majority of the content of this site is about how I made (or tried to make) Deployment Strategy.

Deployment Stategy went on to win a handful of festival awards including Best Director, Best Sci-fi movie, and Best Special Effects. The 30 minute short was then picked up by the distributor IndiePix.

Now the movie is available online to watch for free. It's actually an abridged version of the original festival film which contains extra scenes and more exposition.

I've also highlighted the most relevant and popular blog posts, articles, and videos about my experience and the film on this page below.


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